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Louise Yakey is a 25-year career educator.  She is a STEM certified teacher in New Mexico and New York State.  Since 2010, she has been a teacher in New Mexico.  She holds a master of science degree in education, a masters in public administration from UNM, and educational administration certification also from UNM.  She completed her administrative internship at Bernalillo Middle School.  She has extensive experience in nonprofit administration and has been committed to mentorship and internship for young people since her arrival in NM.  Before forming Tutors to Teachers, a nonprofit LLC, and Arise Tutors, she was the executive director and program director for Mentoring Kids Works NM.  She has occupied several nonprofit and charter school Board positions.  Currently, she is the immediate past president of the Santa Fe branch of the American Association for University Women and currently is the program chair for the statewide board of AAUW.   She also is the New Generations Board member for the Santa Fe Centro Rotary Club and was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow Award this summer.  Louise is a health careers and STEM teacher at the Santa Fe Indian School.  


Claudia Cover

A native of Spain, Claudia Cover is trilingual in Spanish, English, and German.  She has tutored for over 30 years and has advanced tutoring programming for students of all ages.  She has a TEFL certification.  Claudia will be leading tutor programs for the organization in Santa Fe and in surrounding pueblos.  



Amalia is a New York State-educated student. She is currently studying at St. John's and is a Pritzker Scholar. After she completes her work at St. John’s she hopes to continue her work in the classroom as a teacher at the Santa Fe Indian School. Amalia she will be interning with the Director of the American Indian Law Alliance and will be attending the United Nation's Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York City April 14-16, 2023, as a member of the UN Indigenous Youth Caucus.  

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Simran went to St. John's College, from Toronto, Ontario.  Future plans:  after graduation in May, Simran is traveling to Nepal for the summer to work in womens' health.  She will be applying to law schools to begin in the fall of 2023.  

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St. John's graduate.  Program Evaluation

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Jordan is a Gates Fellow at the University of Chicago and a graduate of SF High School.

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Ariel Scholar


As a long-standing enthusiast of both mathematics and music and the infinite connections they share, Andrea studied at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. After studying Performing and Fine Arts abroad in England and Scotland through a Tulane University exchange program, she discovered that the combination of mathematics, science, physics, and nature were perfectly entwined, and those connections have remained her passion ever since. In 2008, she arrived in New Mexico, hoping to explore various avenues of mathematics in the classroom that were less typical and more creative, allowing for exploration and discovery. After hearing and reading about IAIA, she came to speak to the department head -- and in 2011, was hired as adjunct faculty. In 2018, she served as Visiting Professor, while also completing her MEd in Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction.

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